Water vs War

water war 2There is an opportunity at hand for a leadership role of the U.S. by building a needed agricultural infrastructure as a current National Security consideration. When we are able to provide food for our neighbors around the world, we make friends through commerce. Water is a vital strategic resource which needs to the managed.

The vision of a National Trans-Continental Water Management System (NTCWMS)’s time is now with severe droughts threatening food supplies throughout California the most productive farmland in the world. California produces fruits and vegetables for the majority of United States. Plus if built this water pipeline system could supply the rest of the western states with fresh water. It could increase agricultural out put to export food to the world. Excess fresh rain water from recent flooding in Texas, a precious resource running off into the Gulf of Mexico and consistent fresh water supplied from the Great Lake Systems in the northern states, being the largest reservoir of fresh water in the world are our national treasure and asset. These resources should be managed as one of our Nation’s treasures.

water warAs per our Nation’s existing Interstate Highway Right Away System crisscrossing the continent. A National Trans-Continental Water Management System (NTCWMS) should be built along side the Interstate Highways whereby fresh water could be harvested along Interstate Highway I-10 in the South with pumping stations where the highway crosses numerous fresh water rivers along the route. Both in the Gulf States Region and across Texas, water could be harnessed, harvested, collected and deliver water to the arid Western States. Using a combination of Solar, Wind Hydro-electric and conventional powered Water Pumping Stations and Water Siphon techniques mass quantities of our Planet’s most valuable resource could be moved where most needed.
Enter The Siphon Principle

water pumpThe magic of using siphoning technology is once the flow is kick started by a pump it continues to flow and energy can even be captures by the descending flow to help power the pumping stations.On even a larger scale humanitarian note, once we as a nation have perfected the construction process of a National Trans-Continental Water Management System (NTCWMS)’ project here. The United States of America could export our technology around the world creating construction management jobs and helping the rest of the world to feed their own populations. By building a needed National Trans Continental Infrastructure Water Re-Distribution and Conveyance Systems projects which could be completed within three year placing Municipal Fresh Water Grade 120″ Diameter Pipe to deliver both fresh lake water from Lake Superior and fresh river water from Texas rivers, which are constantly replenished from the Gulf Coast Weather Cycles. Such a National Trans-Continental Water Management System (NTCWMS)’ project could cure many national woes, stimulating economies in with long term agri-business jobs and production, immediate construction jobs and service business jobs as support. A NTCWMS project funding would increasing exports of agricultural production by providing water for arid western states securing new global food supplies and producing numerous construction and other jobs in the process our Nation’s Security is the Winner.

This Article was originally contributed by Garson Silvers from Garsonsilvers.com


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