NAVED ABBASALY JAFRY : is an author, entrepreneur and philanthropist who stands for environmental, social, and economic reforms. He develops MicroCities and chairs a venture capital fund called Zeons. As an opinion maker and a subject matter expert, several city, state, academic and military institutions have recognized Jafry and Zeons for contributions in renewable energy, sustainable investing and support of the Armed Forces. Some of the most recent awards includes the Business of the year Award, the Houston mayor’s proclamation of Zeons Day and the 4th Region medallion by the Association of the United States Army.


For over two decades Jafry has managed the interests of the family trust founded since 1885. Jafry serves as the chairman of the Zeons Sustainable Fund and identifies himself as a social entrepreneur who advocates for businesses and governments to put People and Planet before Profit. With investments spread across thirteen countries in multiple companies such as Zeons, Jafry has facilitated capital flows into socially conscious projects such as MicroCity developments, off the grid millennial units, sustainable energy and urban farming initiatives. Some of these project have been recognized by several media, academic and government institutions such as Forbes, Bloomberg, Nasdaq News, University of Texas and the Houston city council.  Many of Jafry’s Companies are now structured as a social purpose corporations which have supported or financed nonprofits and government programs for preventive healthcare, education and sustainability.


From right to left.  Houston City Councils Proclamation in 2009 and ZEONS showcased on Nasdaq in Times Square.

Philosophy & Philantrophy

Jafry has strongly encouraged and facilitated several businesses to collaborate when local governments fail to provide critical services to its citizens. As a donor, volunteer and/or member to over 52 non profits and Non Governmental organizations, Jafry is also a founding committee member for a public policy think tank called Citizens For Justice (CFJ). Through his companies and his family trust, Jafry has extended support, grants or endowments to several humanitarian and social empowerment projects such as the UN global Compact, the Global Zero (campaign), Young Builders Alliance, Aga Khan Foundation, Farmers Initiative Program, Operation Life Extension and Operation REACH among others. Jafry is also the curator of Unify South Asia Reality Project (USARP), which is a initiative to bring peace and collaboration within the South Asian subcontinent.

TED conference in San Diego, California

Jafry at TED conference in San Diego, California

Academic & Film Endeavors

Jafry writes about ideas, challenges, and decisions in the fields of government, policy, and sustainability. Some of his works are published in over 12 books and papers in areas of science, academia, fiction and biography. His research on off the grid urban design and public policy are now part of many college text books and academic papers.  Several of his works include titles such as Zenox, The Green Industrial Revolution, Obstacles to opportunities, The South Asian Superpower, Micro City, Smart Green Cities, The Green Industrial Movement in India and The Gump Hump. Jafry has also invested in a public interest documentary titled “Fuel” which went on to become an instant hit at The Sundance Film Festival awards. Jafry continues his work as a visiting lecturer at  colleges within the Mumbai University systems and is a regular contributor to several academic and policy related blog sites. You can find many his works on Barnes & Nobels, Amazon, Netflix and on his personal blog


From right to left. Sundance Hit biofuels oil documentary Fuel in 2008, front book cover for Jafry’s 2014 fiction Book Zenox and academic research publication called Micro Cities.

Military Life

Military: Since graduating from Basic and Mobility Training at Fort leonardwood Jafry was assigned to multiple units such as the 11th FSC Active Cavalry Regiment, The Brigade Engineering Battalion, Medical Corp, Transportation Corp, HHC and the 72nd Brigade Special troops Battalions. Jafry described joining the Army and Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC) as one of the happiest experiences of his life.During his service as a member of the US Armed Forces, Jafry designed and filed patents to a military-grade fire, flood, and explosion safety-suit system called the Amphibian. In context to Life extension, Jafry first thought up the idea for Super Soldier Enhancement Protocol (SSEP) when on a military exercise in the Mojave Desert. As a staunch advocate of The Institute of Land Warfare and a former 4th region board member of Association Of United States Army (AUSA), Jafry continues to leverage his influence to advocate for veteran’s care and to enhance the mission readiness of a world class Military.

military helicopter pic

Jafry at a Military drill in the Mojave desert.


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